Christine O'Neal -Makeup Artist

Christine is a Freelance Makeup Artist based in Houston, Texas,  She has worked in the beauty industry for 8 years. Her ventures in the beauty industry began as an independent beauty consultant with a cosmetic company. During this time, women needed assistance with makeup application and the skills were not there to assist them. Following this, she decided to be more than just a sales person; she wanted to be able to help an individual look their best. She searched for and completed formal training to accomplish this goal. Now, she's a certified, formally trained makeup artist who possesses the artistic and creative skills that enable her to create a look that both the artist and client envision.


She's experienced in techniques of airbruh and traditional makeup application and knowledgeable in the areas of corrective makeup and color theory. Her experiences help  to ensure that models, performers, and presenters have suitable make-up before they appear in front of cameras or audiences. She also possess the ability to communicate effectively with clients, which is considered a key factor.  She is certain that she can customize a look that will bring out your best qualities.


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